Brand Ambassador Program

Do you have a strong and active social media presence? If yes, please read below.

The Loba Mane Brand Ambassador Program is an exclusive membership to the utmost  supporters who are influencers in their community and are passionately engaged in promoting a healthier hair care routine.

Loba Mane is an all-natural premium hair care brand whose goal is to combine the wisdom of going natural, cruelty free and plant-based, with female empowering messages that encourage fierce, boldness and authenticity.

Being all-natural should not compromise the product performance. Loba Mane gives you short term beauty and assure you long term health.

Loba Mane Ambassadors are responsible for generating brand excitement by engaging and connecting with each customer. They utilize a genuine belief in the brand and product knowledge to educate and inform our customers and direct all traffic to the online platform for Loba Mane.

How it works

•Brand Ambassadors receive 12% commission of each total sale made.

•Commission percentage is subject to increase based on performance

•Payments are made weekly and transferred directly to the PayPal account of Brand Ambassador.

•Customers must use the Brand Ambassadors purchase code during checkout.

•You will receive the products you wish to try from Loba Mane!

•Brand Ambassadors may purchase discounted products from Loba Mane.

* Brand Ambassador must live in U.S or Canada and have an active PayPal account.

How to apply

We’re excited to hear from you, please fill out the application today! To be considered for the Loba Mane ambassadorship, please click here to submit this form.