Copy of About Us

Loba Mane was born with a pledge of transparency, and a simple mindset - " going natural shouldn't mean a compromise on the product's performance."  As the daughter and granddaughter (and doll!) of salon professionals, I was exposed at a young age to strong chemicals, hot tools, and products that promised to repair my hair. I got to think that it was natural to use ten different products during my hair care routine and still have fragile hair and split ends.

So one day I grew up, and I decided to go natural. Not only I stopped straightening my hair, but I also started using kitchen recipes to care for it. Game changers! However, I had to switch from the raw mayo, eggs, and avocados to all-natural shampoos and conditioners (a cleaner and time-efficient choice). Happy of how my hair was feeling without all the harsh ingredients in conventional shampoos, conditioners, and leave-ins, I tried convincing my mother to make the switch at her salon. We purchased different brands for her to use, but she wasn't satisfied with the performance.

Then it hit me. I may not have followed by tradition the profession of my grandmother and my mother. But I could contribute to it in another way. So I was determined to creating a salon-performance line of hair care made only with plant-derived natural ingredients. An easy-to-use routine that could properly care for hair while protecting this from hot tools and replenishing it after a chemical process. After a year of trials and errors, working with a dear chemist friend and now co-founder, Loba Mane was launched. A line specially made for my mother's salon, Linda's Beauty Care.