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Loba Mane was born with a pledge of transparency, and a simple mindset -"going natural shouldn't mean a compromise on the product's performance."  As the owner of a beauty salon, Linda had the need to provide a product that could protect her client's hair from external damages and keep their crown healthier over time. She was also determined to simplify their routine. 

Loba Mane is designed as multi-functional, professional-performance hair care using only natural and organic ingredients.

Why natural ingredients? Because the use of harsh chemicals (sulfates, phthalates, silicones, and other cheap substitutes for organic compounds) found in majority of professional and mass-market hair care products not only dry and brake your hair in the long run, they also contribute to the pollution of our wonderful planet.

Loba Mane is proudly and respectfully committed to You and to our environment by using plant-based, sustainable and biodegradable ingredients.


A New Way of Cleaning Your Hair

Loba Mane's investment in research and development proved to be invaluable when the Hair Cleanser was born, only after a long debate on "why should we clean our precious hair with similar products we use to clean our clothes (shampoos and detergents)?" Loba Mane's Hair Cleanser is proved to effectively yet gently clean your hair, while repairing damaged hair thanks to our proprietary amino acid-based cleansing system (the building blocks of life). Plus... you don't need a conditioner. 

Natural Products that Actually Work

Loba Mane was determined to make an all natural hair care routine that actually works. Over the past few years we have vigorously studied effects of hundreds of natural ingredients on the immediate aesthetic and long term health of the hair and put in practice the newly discovered science on hair. The end result is that we have proudly crafted our products to nourish, protect, and repair your hair from various damages with only natural ingredients. Explore our products.

An Easier Routine

We want to simplify hair care routine rather than making it complicated so you can take care of your hair with ease and pleasure, not pain and discomfort.

We Manufacture our products

In our small labs in the heart of Pennsylvania, we formulate and manufacture all of our products in small batches. This is a part of our commitment to quality.

'LOBA' is 'your Wise and Wild Self'

LOBA is the Spanish word for "She-Wolf". An old Mexican myth tells the story about a woman who collected bones from wolves; This magical woman would gather them together and sing them an authentic song. As she sang and put the bones together, a she-wolf would start to appear, who would run free and transform later into a Woman.

Both the creator and the creation are called Lobas. There is a creator in each one of us who shapes us the way we want to become. Whether you are in the process of creating yourself, or you have already created who you wanted to become, you are Wild and Wise. This is being a Loba!

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