Our Story

Growing up in Colombia in a house that had a beauty salon business, I would often hear “para ser bella hay que ver estrellas”. This means that in order to be beautiful you have to make painful sacrifices. My grandma and mother practiced this philosophy, so just like everyone around me, I experienced at a very early age the damage and pain of constant hot tools, relaxers, and chemical treatments. 

In a disagreement with the way I was raised, I left my hometown and reinvented myself. I let loose of my curls and didn’t brush for months! That’s not true. But I felt, since then, free.

Many years later when I came to the U.S., where my mother had opened her third beauty salon I discovered the Loba. Women sat on her chair and as she pampered their mane while they told the most incredible stories of struggles, desires, and overcome situations. The Lobas were from all around the world and their hair reflected their authentic voices. 


Despite the criticism from family members and friends, my mother dyed her hair purple because a true Loba says “this is who I want to be and she becomes”. She also stopped believing beauty has to hurt and advocated for a beauty that feels GOOD.


Together we created Loba Mane, a haircare line that recognizes that routines can cause damage, and what truly makes a hair stunning is its good health. Our idea was to merge science and nature so we brought in Mehdi, a top material scientist from Penn State with experience in hair care. He made sure to create a formula that not only performs for professional use but also replenishes the hair while prioritizing our planet and bodies.


Today we invite you to be part of the Wild and Wise movement, the free your mane movement, the self-creation movement, the Loba Mane movement. Let your hair tell your story.


- Heidi Pernett Founder