The Origin of Loba Mane

Growing up in Colombia in a house that had a beauty salon business, I would often hear “para ser bella hay que ver estrellas”. This means that in order to be beautiful you have to make painful sacrifices.

My grandma and mother practiced this philosophy, so just like everyone around me, I experienced at a very early age the damage and pain of constant hot tools, relaxers, and chemical treatments. 

In a disagreement with the way I was raised, I left my hometown and reinvented myself. I let loose of my curls and didn’t brush for months! That’s not true. But I felt, since then, free.

I was inspired to create something magical, to encourage natural beauty, and that's how Loba Mane was born.

The Inspiration

Loba Mane was inspired from the wisdom of the women that visit our salon and the wild spirit that lies within them.

We believe in the power that lies in your MANE; our different hairstyles, textures, and colors we exhibit can become statements of the freedom that lies within our identity.

With Loba Mane, you are able to express your self vibrantly through your haircare while making a well-informed choice on where your products originate.

You don't have to choose either or.

Healthy & Beautiful, No Compromise.

We believe that you should not have to choose between beautiful hair and healthy hair. With our incredible formula, we are breaking through the boundary that has convinced us that harsh ingredients are necessary to attain beautiful hair.

We Style, Not Tame.

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