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Natural. Effective. Sustainable.

Got Dry Hair?

Our game-changing formulas are crafted with the finest plant-derived and organic ingredients to restore your dry hair into its healthiest state for a stronger mane. 

All natural. Locally sourced. Sustainably harvested. Hand crafted. Small batch.

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Eco-friendly. Vegan. Fair-Trade. Cruelty-Free. Social Good. Sustainable. Women-led.

Free of: Parabens, Silicones, SLS, Mineral Oils, Phthalates or Petrochemicals



My hair 💘 this Loba Mane haircare travel kit.👍💓

Heldi on Etsy

This brand is amazing, it has made my burgundy hair color last longer. I usually see my hair color fade in 3 weeks and I dye it every 4 weeks because of my roots. Now my hair color remains vibrant by week 5 and I have to just touch up the roots by week 4, which by the way are growing faster. I'm astonished and in love.

Laura Fleiss

Wow this stuff smells ah-mazing--love it and would definitely buy it again seeing that it has been extremely beneficial for my thick, curly hair.

Carley on Etsy

Love everything about Loba Mane. The smell, how my hair feels after months of using these products, and their commitment to crafting hair care with non-toxic ingredients, makes me a #1 supporter.

Kara Fisher

With Loba Mane I struggle no more! Yay! Finally, finally there's a haircare set that works for any hair style day. Perfectly cleansed and light for blowout days and tamed and defined curls for natural days.

Jena Halman-Kincaid