About us

The Birth of Loba Mane

Loba Mane was born from a desire to celebrate the wild spirit within every individual. Our name comes from the Mexican myth of La Loba - the she-wolf who collects bones and breathes new life into them. Like this magical ritual, we seek to resurrect damaged hair and restore natural vibrancy.

Inspired by Self-Expression

Loba Mane's story began when one of the founders, Heidi Pernett, from a family of salon owners for generations, was inspired by seeing people express themselves through different hairstyles and colors. But the harsh chemicals and hot tools used often damaged hair in the process. Heidi and her mother Linda dreamed of creating products that would allow you to transform your hair and minimize the damage. They wanted to make self-expression through your mane worry- and guilt-free.

When Science Meets Nature

In 2016, Heidi and Linda teamed up with chemist Mehdi Ghaffari to turn their vision into reality. Mehdi established a special lab where he worked tirelessly to create a fantastic array of products, using only plant-based ingredients, to care for your hair and the environment. After a year of hard work, trying out different formulas and running tests, Mehdi finally perfected what would later become Loba Mane's very first collection: the Color Vibrante* line.

*Color Vibrante translates to vibrant color

For the Wild and Wise Manes

In 2017, with deep cultural diversity and insights, the Loba Mane team created the first Latina-focused hair care brand in the U.S. celebrating wild and wise manes.

Let Your Mane Tell Your Story

Loba Mane was founded to embrace all hair types and styles. Our products not only protect your hair from damage but also empower you to proudly flaunt your dream hairstyle. At Loba Mane, we believe you shouldn't have to choose between beautiful, healthy hair and self-expression. Our groundbreaking formulas help you achieve your hair goals without worrying about damaging your hair. Discover the transformative power of nature – for your mane and your spirit. Let your mane tell your story.

Our Pack

Founder and President

Dr. Mehdi Ghaffari

Mehdi, a distinguished scientist and entrepreneur, excels in creating interdisciplinary solutions for complex challenges across various sectors, including space, lasers, and nanotechnology. Founder of LBC LABORATORIES, he's focused on eco-friendly consumer products, notably LOBA MANE. Mehdi's passion? Space travel, with a personal dream of a moon voyage.

General Manager

Dr. Ellie Nasr-Azadani

Ellie, with a Ph.D. in geography and environmental studies, combines her dedication to sustainability with her role as General Manager at Loba Mane. Here, she focuses on developing eco-friendly, natural solutions for hair care. A fun quirk: she collects snow globes, with over 100 from her travels, symbolizing the planet's beauty and diversity.

Product Designer

Mahnaz Hajesmaeili

Mahnaz, a data-driven product designer with a master's in Emerging Media Design and Development, specializes in crafting user-centric experiences at Loba Mane. She blends travel and reading to grasp human behaviors and leverages data to identify trends and opportunities. Fun fact: Mahnaz overcame her podophobia, a fear of feet.


Farzad Maleki

Farzad, a key player at Loba Mane, merges his computer science background with extensive hospitality experience to enhance the company's strategies and operations. His journey has honed exceptional people skills and a deep grasp of customer experience. Off-duty, Farzad is a culinary enthusiast and music lover. A fun tidbit: he's a multilingual maestro, fluent in four languages.