6 Halloween Costume Ideas for 2023

6 Halloween Costume Ideas for 2023

Halloween is right around the corner, so it’s time to start narrowing down our giant list of Halloween costume ideas. We’ve helped narrow it down to our top six ideas for Halloween!

1. Barbie

Person with blonde hair and a pink dress posing like a Barbie doll.
There are many options of Barbie to choose from other than the stereotypical Barbie. You can spice up this idea by having a job, like firefighter Barbie, judge Barbie or ice skating Barbie; the possibilities are endless! Bonus points if you do this as a group costume so you can all say “Hi Barbie” to one another!

2. Princess Peach

Woman wearing a pink gown and a tiara.
Dressing up as video game characters is extremely underrated. To be Princess Peach, you’ll need a pink ensemble with a crown. Your bestie can dress up as Princess Daisy or Mario!

3. Ariel a.k.a The Little Mermaid

Woman with long red hair sitting in the ocean.
Ariel is a great idea to dress up as this Halloween! You can dress us as the mermaid version or the human version of Ariel. After all, who doesn’t want to be a princess?

4. Jessica Rabbit

Woman dressed as Jessica Rabbit.
Looking for something more sultry? Or maybe you just want to break out your favorite red wig, Jessica Rabbit is the perfect solution.

5. Ken

Man with blonde hair, white graphic eyeliner and a pink jacket.

We can’t forget to add Ken to this list! Your bestie can be a variation of Ken or Barbie! Just always remember you are enough.

6. Bride of Frankenstein 

Woman dressed up as the bride of Frankenstein.

Dressing up as the bride of Frankenstein will help you get your creative juices flowing! All you really need is a white outfit and a silver streak of hair! This costume is easy to do and gives you the opportunity to dress it up if you’d like to. Have a date? They can dress up as Frankenstein!

These are just some examples of Halloween costumes our Loba Mane team plans to do for this Halloween. What are you planning to dress up as?

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