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5+ Hair Care Secrets from Around the World

Australia: Tea tree oil for dandruff.

Tired of dandruff and dry scalp?  Australians use tea tree oil to combat this problem. Tea tree oil is well-known for its powerful antiseptic properties and ability to treat wounds.

Apply an overnight treatment by filling a small, empty bottle about three-quarters full with coconut oil and 15 drops of tea tree oil and mix well. Before bed, apply the treatment to your scalp by massaging it in for several minutes, ensuring the scalp is completely saturated. Put on a shower cap, or scarf, and leave overnight.

In the morning, wash your hair with Loba Mane’s Hair Cleanser. Regular shampoos dry and irritate your scalp making it the #1 reason for dandruff. Loba Mane’s Hair Cleanser not only cleans and nourishes your scalp, it is enriched with Coconut Oil which antiseptic properties protect and soothe your scalp.


Poland: Try an egg yolk hair mask.

In Poland, women make hair masks using the yolk of the egg along with a few drops of lemon juice and olive oil. They leave the mask in their hair for fifteen minutes and then rinse it out.

Egg yolks contain a large amount of vitamin E, an important antioxidant to rid your scalp of free radicals, also contains vitamins A and D, as well as B-group vitamins, all important for a beautiful hair.


Croatia: Wash your itchy scalp with nettles.

Here’s a great tip from Croatia for those who suffer from dandruff or a dry, itchy scalp. Studies have shown stinging nettle has antioxidant, antimicrobial, anti ulcer, astringent and analgesic capabilities. Croatians gather nettles from the fields and boil them in water. They then use this water to wash their hair. You will experience how effective it is at cleaning your hair and nourishing your roots.

To avoid dry itchy scalp use Loba Mane’s Hair Cleanser, this soothes and nourishes the scalp prevents dryness, provides moisture, and promotes healthy hair.

Greece: Rosemary for healthy hair.

If you’ve ever admired Greek women's beautiful hair, you will love this hair care tip. Greek women rinse their hair using water that’s been steeped in rosemary. Rosemary strengthens circulation. As a result, it could prevent hair follicles from being starved of blood supply, dying off, and leading to hair loss. Rosemary also removes buildup on your hair for a deep cleansing effect.

Steep a hair rinse out of rosemary and apple cider vinegar. In the shower, combine a few tablespoons with water and use this to rinse, and you’ll get an even more amazing effect. Plus, a little bit goes a long way, and you can use your rinse again and again before you run out.  Be warned, however, that rosemary can darken hair, which is great if that’s what you are going for, but if you want to keep your locks light, you might want to skip this.

Brazil: Buriti for anti-aging.

Yes, our hair ages as well, this is why with time it gets thinner and dull. Some factors, such as too much sun exposure, chemical treatments, and over-cleaning your hair makes this age fast. Brazilians have the antidote for strong hair growth: Buriti. Also called the Tree of Life, Buriti is packed with beta-carotene (more than carrots), making it a powerful antioxidant, it not only helps hair grow strong and remain young and shiny, but it also protects it from UV rays and helps prolong hair color.

Suffering from Dry Flaky Scalp and Thinning Hair? Combine coconut oil and Buriti oil and apply it directly on the scalp, a little goes a long way! This will not only penetrate into the hair follicle, coconut oil provides moisture to the scalp and helps fight dandruff, allowing the hair to grow healthy.

Suffer from dull hair? Mix olive oil and buriti oil on your strands for shine, and sun protection,  for better results use Loba Mane’s Illuminating Hair Oil.  You can conveniently find the benefits of this super fruit and more in all Loba Mane’s hair care products.

Italy: Yogurt and olive oil for shining locks.

Italian women consume plenty of olive oil, but they also have figured out that it can be mixed with yogurt and applied directly to the hair as a conditioner. All you have to do to get the same silky effect is to mix a cup of plain whole-milk yogurt with a teaspoon of olive oil.  Wait for five minutes and then rinse it out.  Apply Loba Mane Hair Cleanser afterwards.  You will have a nice lustrous shine when it dries, and also find it soft and manageable.

Colombia: Avocado for shiny hair.

Avocado is one of the top beauty secrets in Colombia and other Latin American countries. How do avocados enhance your hair? Avocado locks moisture into hair cells, nourishes hair, and strengthens hair roots and strands.

One of the best recipes is this: Get an avocado, an egg and a tablespoon of olive oil. The egg is rich in protein and this helps rebuild damaged hair by filling in weakened spots along the hair strand. Mash them all together to make a uniform paste. Take that paste and rub it into the roots of your hair.  Work it down to the tips.  After half an hour, shower and wash your hair as usual.  The results will astound you!

An alternative to this hair mask is Loba Mane’s Transformative Mask which is organically enriched with the benefits of the avocado, buriti, coconut, argan, tucuma and olive. 

Spain: Cranberry juice to bring out red highlights.

If you are a redhead, a brunette, or even a strawberry blonde, there is a wonderful beauty secret from Spain that can help you bring out the red tones in your hair.  It’s really easy!  All you have to do is mix cranberry juice with water (about half and half), and pour it over your head when you are done washing your hair in the shower.  This technique works especially well if you then head outside and spend some time in the sun. You don’t have to rinse it out as a result.



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