Perfect Hair Care On-the-Go

Perfect Hair Care On-the-Go

As we approach the holiday season and travel to visit our loved ones or to celebrate the new year in a different city, packing our hair care essentials is a must. It’s tedious to pour products from a full-size bottle into a TSA-approved bottle. Save some time and energy by buying your favorite Loba Mane products in a travel size.


Our Color Vibrante Travel Kit includes:

1. Hair Cleanser: 

Massage gently onto your scalp to cleanse and nourish dry, brittle hair. 

2. Transformative Hair Mask: 

Finger-comb this hydrating mask throughout your hair to seal in hair color and deep condition hair.

3. Hydrating Styling Cream: 

Apply evenly throughout your hair to style and give your strands volume.

Elevate your travel experience and let your hair speak volumes by incorporating our Color Vibrante Travel Kit into your travel routine. Wishing you all safe travels this holiday season!

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