Styling Cream 101: Everything You Need to Know About Your Favorite Hair Product

Woman with defined, healthy curls using Loba Mane's Styling Cream. Loba Mane's Styling Cream is created with all-natural organic ingredients and is made with love here in Pennsylvania.

Styling your hair can be a creative and enjoyable process, but with the overwhelming amount of hair products available, it's important to understand their specific uses, applications, and proper products for your hair type. Today we’re diving into the world of styling creams.

1. What is styling cream used for?

Styling cream is a versatile hair product designed to add texture, control, and definition to your hair. It offers a flexible hold and controls frizz, making it a perfect choice for those seeking a natural look with a stronger hold.

Woman with curly hair and pixie hair cut turned to the side and her hair is styled with Loba Mane's Styling Cream.

2. Do you wash out styling cream?

The washing-out aspect depends on the specific product. Some styling creams are leave-in products, allowing you to apply and leave them in your hair, while others may require rinsing since they contain chemicals that weigh down your hair. Loba Mane’s Styling Cream is a leave-in product formulated with natural ingredients that nourish your hair, leaving it feeling soft and bouncy till your next wash day.

Woman with beautiful curly hair and red lipstick smiling and holding Loba Mane's Styling Cream

3. Is styling cream the same as mousse?

Styling cream and mousse are distinct products. Mousse is a foam product that primarily adds volume and texture to your hair. However, most hair mousses are formulated with harmful chemicals to your hair and to the environment; making your hair feel dry and crunchy. Styling cream has a thicker and creamier consistency, providing more control and definition while keeping it soft. Loba Mane’s Styling Cream was designed as an alternative hair product to give you the perfect hairstyle while nourishing your hair. Not only is it formulated with natural ingredients, it’s also made locally here in the USA.

Person with light brown curly hair, holding hair mousse in the hands and starting to scrunch their hair.

4. When should I use styling cream?

Styling cream is suitable for all occasions! Use it when you want to add definition to your hair, tame frizz, or create a more structured hairstyle. It adapts well to different hair types and lengths.

Woman with green split-dyed hair and bangs, showing her curl ringlet created using Loba Mane's Styling Cream.

5. Does styling cream hold your hair?

Styling cream typically offers a lighter hold compared to some other products like gels. While it does hold your hair, it does so in a way that maintains a natural, soft appearance without the stiffness often associated with stronger-hold products.

Close-up image of light brown wavy hair with highlights.

6. Which one is better: styling cream, mousse, or gel?

Styling creams allow you to have a softer, more controlled look. Mousse will give your hair a wet look and some crunch. Gel will give your hair a crunch and more defined look. Most gels and mousses are formulated with harmful ingredients that can lead to hair loss and breakage.

A textured image of mousse, gel and styling cream.

7. How do you apply styling cream?

To apply styling cream effectively, take a small amount and rub it between your palms. Distribute it evenly through damp or dry hair, focusing on areas where you want styling control or definition. Style your hair as desired, and you're ready to rock your new look.

Styling cream is a valuable addition to your hair care routine, offering flexibility, control, and a natural finish. It’s an integral staple of Loba Mane’s Color Vibrante line to simplify your everyday hair routine.

8. What are the benefits of using Loba Mane’s Styling Cream?

Loba Mane’s Styling Cream is formulated with organic ingredients like buriti, tucuma and coconut. Our Styling Cream makes hair soft and frizz-free. It also helps prolong color vibrancy and shields hair from heat damage.

Woman with defined curls and bold lipstick, holding Loba Mane's Styling Cream and smiling.

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