Why is it important we talk about self-love?

Why is it important we talk about self-love?



Is it hard to put yourself first? Do you say yes when you feel like saying no? Do you break promises you made to yourself? These are all common habits and beliefs that society has taught women to integrate into their daily lives. All across the world, women are often viewed just as nurturing figures and caregivers. Due to this, we forget that we are much more than somebody’s mom, friend, sister or wife. We forget to press pause and take time for ourselves. We forget to treat our minds and bodies with the love, patience, and respect they deserve.  
The way self-love is usually talked about in mainstream media doesn’t fully show the power and importance of it. That’s why when talking about self-love, the few things that come to our minds are: taking a bubble bath, going for a run, and going to the spa, etc. While these are all great things we can include in our daily lives, it’s time we take self-love to a deeper and more personal level. 


 A keyword we forget to mention when talking about self-love is practice. The practice of getting to know and loving every part of ourselves, especially the parts we’ve been told to apologize for and to hide by our families and communities. We can heal by acknowledging and accepting the things we’re often ashamed of such as, our stretch marks, our aging bodies, our choices, our pain, and our opinions. That fire that makes us who we are. Once we realize these things are meant to be honored, we start to walk away from other people’s ideas of what our self-love should look like.
 The process of self-love is very personal. While there might be some guidelines you can follow, no amount of time or steps can define your progress. Think of it as rewiring your brain; finding new and healthier ways of communicating with your mind and body. Therefore, be patient with yourself and celebrate every part of the journey.


 Imagine what the world would look like if every woman that lived in it would practice loving every part of herself. Self-love is revolutionary. Self-love is a practice of sustainability, not only for yourself but also for your communities.

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