3 Tips to Summer-Proof Our Mane

3 Tips to Summer-Proof Our Mane

Summer is in full speed! While we love spending our days going for hikes, outdoor sports, gardening, lounging by the pool, lake, or at the beach, we know summer can bring a few challenges to our hair. The sun’s overpowering rays can dry up our hair, damage our locks, causing uncontrollable frizz and breakage. But don't fear, we are here to share 3 simple hair-care tips that will keep your mane healthy throughout the summer.

1. Take A Heat Break

Give your self a break from hot tools and embrace your natural locks. If heat-styling is important to your hair routine, try to keep its frequency at no more than once a week.


2. Weekly Mask

Once a week give your hair a deep conditioning treatment therapy. Look for a natural hair mask that provides hydration.

Loba Mane Transformative Mask provides hydration, replenishment, nourishing and strengthening properties while prolonging your hair color from early fading. 

3. UV Hair Protection

Frequent sun exposure is the #1 promoter of color fading and breakage. If you are planning to spend a long time under the sun, make sure to properly protect your hair as you protect your skin. Add to your hair styling routine products specially formulated with sun protection properties.

The Color Vibrante Styling Cream and Illuminating Hair Oil are specially formulated to prolong your hair color while protecting your mane from the strong UV rays from the sun. 


In addition to these simple tips, consider caring for your hair even further by drinking water, eating healthy, and once in a while giving it a break from the sun by using a flattering hair scarf. 

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