How To Style Over-Processed Hair?

How To Style Over-Processed Hair?




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Color Dye (Black) + Relaxer 


Melody has decided to stop relaxing her hair, however, she still likes to dye it in black. After relaxing she developed new 2C - 3B curl patterns. Her new roots are 4A kinks, and it just seems impossible to style it without damaging it more. Her prefered style is iron-straight. Melody found in Loba Mane ease for keeping her hair healthier after the hair dye while being able to style it in multiple ways. Learn how.

How to Style Over-Processed Mixed Hair?



1. Start by washing your hair with Loba Mane Color Vibrante HAIR CLEANSER. 

2. Apply the Loba Mane TRANSFORMATIVE MASK, leave on for 10 minutes and rinse. 

3. Towel dry the hair. Avoid rubbing it, instead pat dry it. 

4. Apply thoroughly Loba Mane STYLING CREAM. 

5. Proceed by scrunching your hair.

6. Use a blow-drying diffuser to control the drying process.

    Go Straight Without Damaging

    Follow the same first 4 steps written above, and in the 4th step, combine in the palm of your hand 2 drops of the Loba Mane ILLUMINATING OIL with your desired amount of STYLING CREAM, this provides extra moisture retention and heat protection. 

    5. Proceed with a blow-out and finish with a flat iron.


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