5 Best Ways to Dry Curly Hair

5 Best Ways to Dry Curly Hair

Have you ever had a thought like “I like my hair better when it’s wet”? well, they are many of you with such thoughts. When we just get out of the shower, our curls, waves, and coils are at their most definite state. We then apply products to them, dry them and also start touching them, all of these causes our curls to go through a transformation. Have you been searching for the best methods through which you can dry your wet curls such that they remain defined and frizz free? Don’t search further, here are a few drying tips that will ensure that your hair stays defined and frizz free.

1. Air dry

In order to have the best curls, several studies carried out by curlies have proven that air drying is the best bet. If you want the best formation for your curls, the follow the following steps.

  • Use a microfiber or t-shirt to dry your hair and remove excess moisture.
  • From the ends towards the roots, apply the Loba Mane Styling Cream into your curls.
  • To avoid frizz, make sure you keep your hands off your hair while it is air drying.

2. Diffuse

For some ladies with curls, it is possible for it to take several hours for their curls to air dry, so a way through which you can speed up the drying process if you fall in this category is by attaching a diffuser on your blow dryer.

  • Follow the same process like that of air drying.
  • Flip your head upside down when your hair is partially dry and cup your hair in the diffuser. When this is done, turn on the diffuser.
  • In order to avoid heat damage, make sure you diffuse on low heat.
  • This process should be repeated in every section of your hair until your hair is completely dry.

    3. Plop

    This technique has been tested and is a true curly technique, it involves using a microfiber towel or t-shirt to “accordion” your curly hair for curlier results.

    First of all, follow the same process you use in air drying, then after that, it is time to plop.

    • Start by laying a towel or long-sleeved shirt on the counter or chair with the sleeves closest to you.
    • Place your hair in the center of the towel by flipping your head forward.
    • Fold the shirt or towel’s bottom over your hair to the base of your neck and tie the sleeves in a knot form to keep it in place.

      4. Clip the roots

      You may need to try clipping your roots while they dry in a situation where you have bouncy curls at the ends but your roots dry to your head, follow the same process you used for air drying.

      • Lean over to the side, when your hair is still wet so that your hair lifts away from your head.
      • Now use duckbill clips at the root as such making the mouth of the clip to point away from your roots.
      • These steps should be repeated in small sections at the crown of your head.
      • Do not remove the clips while the hair is drying, leave them for at least 15 minutes then carefully take them out.

        5. Stretched

        When you style your wet hair into stretched styles such as Bantu knots, braids or bands while it’s drying enables to stretch your hair’s natural texture while it dries. Many ladies with curls use this method of drying their hair to prevent breakage and tangles because wearing your hair in a wash and go can lead to longer detangling sessions during weekends.

        What is great about these methods is that they can be mixed and matched to find the perfect combination that suits your hair. If your waves are low in porosity, you and diffuse and clip your roots to speed up your drying time and create volume and lift, if you don’t like detangling sessions you can simply stretch your coils or curls with a braid out and us a hooded dryer to speed up the drying process.


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