5 Hairstyles That Will Take Your Halloween Look to the Next Level!

5 Hairstyles That Will Take Your Halloween Look to the Next Level!

When it comes to Halloween looks, clothing and makeup are not the only important factors, your hair is also a fundamental part of it. Your mane can either make or break your Halloween look. That’s why we have gathered 5 Halloween hairstyles just for you:

Hair Bow

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Hair vlogger Sarah Angius created this look that can be used for many different Halloween costumes. She starts by teasing her ponytail, then she adds a hairspray and combs her pony again so the hair goes in the same direction. Then, she folds the pony in half and secures it at the top of her head to create a loose, floppy bun. Using her hands, she shapes sprays and pins the bun to look like a bow. The final step is to take a piece of hair from one side of the bun and place it in the middle of the bun to give the effect of a knot. Watch her create the bow from start to finish right here.


Galaxy Hair

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Hairstylist Jeni @jeni_does_ham created this Halloween hair look that features magenta, blue and violet ombré, space buns, and a lot of different jewels. Jeni lightened and toned shades in violet, blue, wild orchid, and magenta, along with hair sponges to blend the ombré. She finished off the look with a hairpiece and added glitter and rhinestones throughout.



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Beauty blogger @joyjah created a super simple lioness costume. It’s perfect for those who want to embrace their curly mane. Joyha Estrada is known for creating styles that allow her luscious curls to shine. She created this look using Carol’s Daughter’s Sacred Tiare 4-in-1 Combing Creme. Then, she added ears and makeup to complete the look.


Fairy Hair

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Thinking of dressing up as Elsa this Halloween? We have a hairstyle suggestion just for you. Hairstylist Nicola created this beautiful braided look using fairy lights. She made a mermaid braid and then weaved in a string of lights through it. The trick is to hide the battery under the braid.

Unicorn Hair

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Hairstylist @hairbymisskellyo created this Halloween hair look on one of her clients. First, she divided her hair into three sections, then she made three little braids on each side of the head. The middle braid is done from the back to the front to simulate the unicorn’s bangs. As a final step, she teased and curled the middle section and the ends of the braids. You do not have to permanently dye your hair for this look. There are many semi-permanent hair dyes and sprays that you find to make this look magical.

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