About Tucuma & Some Facts About This Powerful Fruit

About Tucuma & Some Facts About This Powerful Fruit

You may have wondered what in the world is Tucuma. Tucuma is the name of the fruit that comes from a wonderful palm native to South America, specifically found in the Amazon Rain-forest.

This fruit is composed of a woody black core, containing a white almond paste, an oil seed, and a cover of an orange pulp.

The hard core of the fruit is used to make jewelry, including rings often worn as a symbol of solidarity, known as tucum rings. Earlier used by indigenous Amazonians, as a marriage symbol, the rings are currently worn by Catholic missionaries who support equality, human rights and social justice.

The Tucuma is consumed either raw or produced into a juice called “wine of tucuma”. Two types of oils are produced from this fruit: the oil of the external pulp and almond oil.

Tucuma’s pulp and peel are very rich in beta-carotene, a powerful antioxidant, and in quercetin, which is currently studied for the treatment of cancer and various other diseases. 

If you suffer from dry scalp, tucuma butter extracted from cold pressed beans will do magic as it moisturizes and nourishes the upper layers of the epidermis and also protects the follicles of hair by coating them. This extract is also famous for giving back fiber elasticity slip and shine because of its many nourishing and moisturizing properties on the hair and skin. Wow, right?

Tucuma will heal and repair your hair. This oil mimic the properties of commercial silicone without any of the harmful effects on hair. When applied to the hair, it forms a protective screen without clogging pores, weighing it down, or drying it out. Furthermore, its softening agents also smoothen the frizzy hairs!

Overall, this fruit stands out as one of the best oils for hair and can be used as a sealing agent after a washing it, to define and hold your hairstyle and to seal in moisture. It will also provide shine, while protecting and boosting your hair color. For real, what else can we ask for, right?

To use tucuma most effectively, you will need to incorporate it into the right recipe. When talking about the perfect formula for your hair, we’ve got you covered! This is one of the star ingredients in our line Color Vibrante. Try them out and don't forget to share with us your experience!

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