Two ways to Style Sara's Hair Type

Two ways to Style Sara's Hair Type




Hair Type

Mixed: Wavy (2C) Curly (3A)

Hair Thickness


Hair Color

Light Brown

Chemical Processes


If there is one hair style that Sara prefers and wears well is 'curly and free'. Learn why she prefers Loba Mane, not only to turn her waves into curls but to, once in a while, change her entire look.

Make it Curly


1. Sara starts by washing her hair with Loba Mane Color Vibrante HAIR CLEANSER.  

2. After towel-drying, she follows by applying a small amount of Loba Mane STYLING CREAM. Enough to style but and not to weigh her hair down 

3. With the Styling Cream on, she scrunches her hair.

4. Sara uses a blow-drying diffuser to control the drying process.

    Effortless Blow-Out

    Follow the first 2 steps written above.
    Proceed to blowdry the hair.
    The Styling Cream protects your hair from heat while helping you to achieve your desired look effortlessly. 


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    (Hair Cleanser + Styling Cream)
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