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7 Last Minute Costume Ideas for Halloween

Are you one of those people who always put their Halloween costume together the last minute? Yup, me too. Don't worry here are some very easy ideas were your hair sets the tone for your entire costume.

For glamour-girl characters, go for sexy waves and curls. Braids are the best option to capture the essence of medieval maidens, mermaids and fairy tale costumes. Here’s your Halloween inspiration for a last minute costume. Halloween is in the hair….

1. 50's / 40's Mid Length Pin Up

2. Beyonce's "Love Drought"

3. Short Length Greek Goddess

4. Mystical Lioness Make Up Tutorial


5. Frida Easy Hair / Make Up Tutorial

6. Khalesi's Rope Twist Long Tutorial - Long Length

7. Medusa's Easy Hair Tutorial


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