The Origins of Loba Mane

The Origins of Loba Mane

Loba Mane was inspired by a Mexican myth. According to the tale, La Loba is a wild woman who collects the bones of animals and resurrects them during rituals. Loba means she-wolf and according to the folktale she is the creator of the wise and free spirit.

Mane was inspired by the power that lies within your hair. Hair is a freedom of expression, whether it’s short, long, dyed, wild or tamed. It represents our identity.

Loba Mane was inspired by the women Heidi and her mom Linda would see at their family-owned hair salon. These women held wisdom and a wild spirit within them.

Thus Loba Mane was created with the intention of encouraging people to embrace their natural hair or dye it without feeling the guilt of damaging it. That’s why our products are formulated with natural ingredients that heal, protect and hydrate damaged hair. We believe that feeling confident in your hair shouldn’t compromise its health.

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