How To Use Loba Mane Styling Cream

How To Use Loba Mane Styling Cream

Loba Mane's Styling Cream is a leave-in botanical treatment that complements your hair routine for styling, protecting and improving its overall health. Use it to get your hair straight or your waves and curls defined. The Styling Cream:

  • moisturizes your hair
  • protects it from the sun
  • protects it from hot tools
  • tames the frizz
  • strengthens your tresses
  • nourishes
  • prevents split ends
  • protects hair color from fading


How to get the best use out of it?

  • Distribute Loba Mane's Styling Cream on towel-dried hair. If it's dry, it could weigh your hair down and make it look saturated.

  • For a straight style or lengthening curls, apply it gliding downwards. Feel safe to blow dry your hair for desired straightness.  

  • If you would like your curls or waves to be more defined, apply the Styling Cream and scrunch your hair upward. Let it air dry or use a blow dry with diffuser to speed drying.

  • Use a moderate amount. 

  • For ultimate shine and protection, finish the style with Loba Mane's Illuminating Hair Oil.

  • A good trick is to mix our Styling Duo together right before application. For this, scoop up appropriate amount of the Styling Cream onto your palm, add a few drops of the Illuminating Hair Oil and rub thoroughly. Then apply the mix on your damp hair and continue with your styling routine.  

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