Game-Changing Haircare Tips for Gym Enthusiasts

Game-Changing Haircare Tips for Gym Enthusiasts

Workouts are a great way to stay fit, boost your mood and improve your overall health. However the sweat, heat and over-washing can cause damage to your hair.

Here are some tips to make sure your hair stays healthy and shiny throughout your fitness journey.


Pre-Workout Prep

Brush your hair gently from bottom to top to minimize hair breakage. We recommend wearing a spiral hair tie or a hair clip to prevent hair damage.

If your workout falls onto your wash day, we recommend applying the Transformative Hair Mask evenly throughout your hair and putting your hair into braids while you hit the gym.

Once you’re done with workout and ready to shower, wash the hair mask thoroughly from your hair. Giving you silky, smooth hair throughout your day!


Post-Workout Prep

When washing your hair, avoid using hot water. Hot water can cause scalp irritation and dandruff.

If you’re experiencing dandruff, we recommend applying the Illuminating Hair Oil to your scalp overnight or even prior to your workout. This serum will help soothe your itchy scalp and leave your hair smelling sweet!

We also recommend using a micro-fiber towel or cotton t-shirt to dry your hair. This will prevent breakage and frizz.

With a few simple adjustments to your hair care routine, you will notice fabulous results while pursuing your fitness goals. Proud of you for prioritizing yourself!

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